Re: Ethics, Morality and Children

I read this article on WSJ today – it goes along with the overarching theme of ethics and morality – but on a childrens’ level. Concern with the way in which the media affects children and vice versa was also a topic that was touched on in Gauntlet’s piece.

“The line between right and wrong in the classroom is often hazy for young children, and shaping the moral compass of children whose brains are still developing can be one of the trickiest jobs a parent faces.”

Social media and the digital age is perhaps inspiring children to cheat more, because access to information is more readily obtained. Furthermore, the often-blurred lines between what constitutes as plagiarism remains unclear to some children.

“More schools are allowing cellphones in classrooms, expanding opportunities to cheat via text message, photos or stored notes. And research shows that while most fifth-graders know that copying words off the Internet is cheating, many don’t understand “exactly how much is too much to pull from a source, and how to paraphrase information,” says Kimberly Gilbert, an associate professor of psychology at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.”


Let me know what you think!

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