Media interests

A few media issues that interest me – 

1. How do corporate agendas and interests influence stories about health? How do we know what the funding source of a certain drug is, or that the conglomerate hospital is an ad buyer of the newspaper when it is not explicitly stated in the news article, for example? It could be hidden for agenda-setting purposes. How does this subsequently affect or even damage our trust of the media?

2. In regards to literary journalism in health stories, do these kinds of stories do more harm or good to audiences and readers? Are the types of stories that are most popular and exciting to readers always the most representative? Stories about breast cancer usually feature young women in their 30s, when the statistical likelihood of getting breast cancer at that age is very minimal. But it makes for the best story because the feature is “sexy” and has a happy ending. 

3. Why is the media not interested in stories about prevention? Typically the most impactful stories are about people who conquered a disease and overcame it, or using sensationalism or fear-based tactics to inspire health behavior change. How can we inspire more journalists to focus on prevention?


2 thoughts on “Media interests

  1. littleredmermaid

    I too question the motive when the media portrays breast cancer. More preventative methods should be revealed as opposed to stories about survival (which are great, don’t get me wrong. Beating cancer is awesome). Although I question whether or not it is the media’s place to tell individuals how to live their lives as opposed to reporting them as they unfold. Interesting points for both sides!


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